Learn Spanish Vocabulary In No Time At All

You look at your phone's home/lock screen hundreds of times per day. Why not use these glances to passively learn new Spanish vocab without having to put in any extra time or effort?

LinguaWidget Spanish vocabulary widget on IPhone lock screen

Save Time

Absorb vocabulary passively rather than having to spend time doing flashcards.


We include vocabulary that's used frequently out of the box and you can download premade vocab decks on various topics.


We provide widgets for both your lock screen and home screen.

LinguaWidget Spanish vocabulary widget on IPhone home screen


Our auto-conjugator tool can conjugate regular and irregular verbs and save you time when adding your own cards.


We provide an example sentence for each word, so you can see how it's used.


You can add your own custom words and delete any that you already know well.

App Screenshots

Have a look at LinguaWidget's Spanish vocabulary home screen widget, lock screen widget and app interface below.

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